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    5 Must-have outdoor gear to prevent heat injury Print
      Update Time:2017-09-13 13:50

    Health Promotion Administration (HPA) - 5 Must-have outdoor gear to prevent heat injury

    In recent years, summer temperatures have continued to reach new highs, and the Central Weather Bureau has forecast temperature of 36 Celsius degrees during the day for the coming week. When participating in outdoor activities over extended periods, your body is subjected to humid environment and will result in large amount of perspiration. At this time, if you forget to replenish your fluids, you can suffer from dehydration. During outdoor activities, it is important to wear broad-brimmed hats, sun-glasses, and wear sunscreen with comfortable summer clothing. Additionally, it is best to stay under shade to reduce exposure to direct heat, and take regular breaks to replenish one’s fluids. The Director-General of Health Promotion Administration Ying-Wei Wang would like to remind the public of the 5 must-have gear to prevent heat injury this summer: “broad-brimmed hat, sun-glasses, comfortable light clothing, sunscreen, and water bottle”.


    5 gear to cover you from head to toe

    Health Promotion Administration kindly reminds you to use the following to prevent heat injury:

    • 一、Broad-brimmed hat or sun umbrella:

      Hats with broad brim or sun umbrella can prevent direct exposure to the sun on the face, ear and neck area.

    • 二、Sun-glasses:

      Select tested and certified sun-glasses to protect your eyes, and it is best to choose the style that suits your face and provide cover for greater area around your eyes. Be always mindful of the safety features of the glasses in case of breakage.

    • 三、Cool and comfortable summer clothing:

      It is important to wear comfortable clothing with material such as cotton or functional wear to prevent direct ultraviolet exposure to the skin. After any exercise or activities, it is best to change into fresh, dry clothes for best protection.

    • 四、Sunscreen:

      It is recommended to wear waterproof sunscreen with SPF30 or higher 20 minutes before heading outdoors, and re-apply sunscreen every two hours. In summer, wearing your sunscreen can be a routine activity in the morning to protect your skin. Sunscreen should always be stored away from direct sunlight, and individuals with sensitive skin can select a sunscreen that is made for sensitive skin and odorless.

    • 五、Always carry a water bottle:

    It is imperative to bring a water bottle with you so you can stay hydrated. The HPA recommends to drink at least 2000ml of water per day, and routinely drink water during the day to stay hydrated. Avoid alcohol and sugary drinks, instead, eat more fruits and vegetables as it contains more water content.

    The Health Promotion Administration kindly reminds the public to be aware of the symptoms of heat injury, such as high body temperature, dried and red skin, and heart palpitations. Severe symptoms of heat injury include lack of sweat, headache, nausea, muscle spasm, unconsciousness, and hallucination. When experiencing severe symptoms, please leave the high temperature environment and reduce your body temperature (by removing your clothing, wipe your body with a wet towel or fan your body), then drink cold water with a little salt content or diluted electrolytes, and seek medical attention immediately.