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  • Siaogang was already developed in the Dutch occupation period. The Dutch built Hongmao Harbor to form a geographical horn-shaped area together with Anping Harbor. In Ming Dynasty, Siaogang was subordinate to Wannia County and was developed by General Wu, Yen-shan under Koxinga Cheng, Cheng-kung's rule. In Ching Dynasty, Siaogang first belonged to Fongshan Village and then to Fongshan Village. Later, Siaogang was divided into Fongshan Upper Village and Fongshan Lower Village. In the Japanese occupation period, because local administrative division changed from time to time, the administrative division of Siaogang also changed frequently. It was first subordinate to Fongshan Branch Bureau and then to Fongshan Siaogang Village, consisting of 25 tribes including Siaogang, Erling, Darengong, Dianzihhou, Yanshueigang, Jhonglinzih, Fongbitou, Dalinpu, Hongmaogang, Jhongdacuo, Kongdizih, Cihcongjiao, Jhongkuo, Dapingding, Erciao, etc. After Taiwan's recovery in 1945, all street villages were changed to townships and Siaogang changed to belong to Kaohsiung County. On July 1, 1979, Kaohsiung City was reorganized as a municipality and Siaogang Township was merged into Kaohsiung City, changing name as Siaogang District.